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Lancaster Central Market

Central Market, also known as Lancaster Central Market, is a historic public market in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is located in Penn Square. Until 2005, the market was the country’s oldest municipally operated market. Lancaster Central Market started in 1730 when Andrew and Ann Hamilton donated a 120-square-foot block of land from their own estate. Farmers would bring their harvest from the surrounding fertile countryside to the heart of the soon-to-be-settled municipality, where they would sell their commodities in the now-public, open field. This early market was a significant influence in King George II’s decision to designate Lancaster as a market town. The Lancaster Burgess built the first official market building in 1757, though it was most likely only a modest open-air construction with booths and a roof. This structure evolved with Lancaster over the years, until it was finally replaced in 1889 by the elegant Market House that now stands in Penn Square. The current structure, in the Romanesque Revival style, is made of brick with a hipped and gabled terra cotta roof. Central Market was designed by James H. Warner, an English architect. Its front facade comprises twin towers that stand 72 feet (22 meters) tall, separated by a gable. Foods from around the world and Amish cuisine are available from vendors. Kauffman’s Fruit Farm from Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, Hodecker’s bleached celery, cookies, Springerle House ornaments, and hardwood smoked hams and bacon from S. Clyde Weaver, and Pennsylvania Fudge Company sweets. The Stoner Family Vegetable Stand has been selling products in the market for almost 100 years, longer than any other vendor. Long’s Horseradish stall joined the Central Market family over 60 years ago, while Thomas Produce has been at the market for 80 years. The public is welcome here at Market three days a week: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. The Market opens softly at 6 a.m. each day, followed by a full opening at 7 a.m. Before a busy Market day, standholders open at their leisure before 7 a.m., since many work with local chefs or fulfill wholesale orders. The store closes at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Central Market was just rated one of National Geographic’s top travel destinations. The American Planning Association (APA) designated the Central Market one of America’s ten greatest public spaces, and CNN called it one of the world’s ten best fresh markets (10 of the world’s top fresh markets) in 2013.

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